What’s in my pencil bag?

I have this thing where I really don’t like to be without things I like to use.

Some may call that crazy; I call it being prepared ๐Ÿ™‚

Some may think I carry too much around with me (that may be true) but I just really like knowing that I have exactly what I want or need.

Today I’m going to show you what I keep in my pencil bag.

It is true that the bigger your pencil bag, the more junk you’re likely to carry around with you.

(have you seen those enormous A5 pouches? They actually call them pencil bags!)

This pencil bag is actually a makeup bag I bought at the end-of-year cosmetics sales.

I manage to squeeze quite a bit into it:

  • 2 small post-it pads
  • a flash drive with photos I need to print next time I’m near a photo print place
  • flags for reading or writing a short note
  • Fitbit charger
  • permanent marker
  • wax highlighter
  • 6 pens – yes, I do need them all. How will I know if I feel like making notes in blue, green or pink?

Let’s take a look at those pens:

And that’s it – my standard daily planning arsenal – pencil bag, Moleskine weekly planner notebook and my bullet journal.

Do you like stationery? Do you carry a pencil bag with you?

Question of the week – taking notes

I read somewhere that taking notes is like taking photos.

It helps you to remember the experience better.

I like to take notes because it helps me to focus better and pay attention.

I’ve shared before that I’m a visual-tactile person so I love the feeling of writing and putting pen to paper. The old-fashioned way.

Especially these gorgeous pens.

Are you a note taker?

If yes, what are your methods?

Tell me about your favourite pen

I have a very slight obsession with lovely pens.

By lovely I don’t necessarily mean expensive or good-looking but I do mean the way the pen writes.

I’ve loved THICK gel pens for a good few years now but the problem with the standard ones is this: if those caps go missing, you have leaky ink all over your gorgeous handbag!

Enter these lovelies.

Oh my! They are delicious!

they’re all in one so no caps will go missing (big plus)

they write like a dream as they’re medium point (0.7) and

they come in yummy colours (pink, purple, sky blue, dark green, dark blue, dark red, etc.) as well as the standard (boring) blue and black ๐Ÿ˜‰

My favourite colours are the sky blue and pink.

They’re a bit more expensive than standard gel pens at R25 each (South African readers – I get them at CNA) but WELL worth every single rand.

As you see in the pic above, mine just never go missing ๐Ÿ™‚ and because I write with a whole variety of colours, they each last about a year!

If you’ve tried these pens, let me know in the comments. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! Let the pen love begin.

Seriously though, which are your favourite pens and why? Do you have any strange pen weirdness? ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. I’m not receiving a single cent for promoting these pens. The simple truth is that I LOVE them!

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