My life in Instagrams – May


Beautiful winter sunsets, my favourite colour in winter, and maths for fun


Deciding on a grey, rock painting and pretty notebooks


Winter = reading, sunsets, snuggling and lots of tea


I can’t get enough of beautiful winter light! Gifts from the kids and lots of tea!


handmade jewellery from a friend, my first Burger King burger (in South Africa), beautiful morning light and a 5-year-old that suddenly looks like a teenager 😮

My life in Instagrams – March

The fact that I’m posting my old Instagrams here every two weeks is a great motivator for me.

What could you do to make yourself accountable so that you can get something done you really want to… but just need a little push to do?

2015 March IG

The weather started cooling just a bit… tea, baking bread….

2015 March IG-001

Hairdresser time, books I bought for a library project and cute kids 🙂

2015 March IG-002

One year of doing Spanish the second time around, tea, traffic and my first movie with the kids!

2015 March IG-003

I love doors so I started a little project where I’m officially collecting photos of doors, potato pancakes and lift selfies 🙂

2015 March IG-004

Making house lists, autumn is here, cooking with Connor

2015 March IG-005

New favourite nail polish (Rimmel Jazz Funk), disturbed sleep and the start of our holiday (pancakes in Graskop)

My babies are 5

Today Connor and Kendra turn 5.


I can’t believe 5 years have passed.

On that last day of being pregnant, I had a coaching session with a client; Dion and I went to ante-natal classes, had supper and watched Survivor, and went to bed.

And then all the drama happened at exactly midnight and three hours later, I had babies!

At just 32 weeks.

I never want to relive those 10 months of sleep deprivation – so glad that’s behind me now.

0 - 1 month

And then I blinked and the kids are 5.

Now we have real conversations, take photo walks, read, craft, bake and cook.

WOW. winter walk 3 3006

Happy birthday also to my friend, Laura, who shares a birthday with the babies. Laura does great work in Mozambique – go read her blog and say happy birthday to her 🙂

The babies are 4

Did anyone notice I didn’t post on Wed and Fri last week? 🙂

I had a really rough week and so I decided to do what I tell my clients – just do what I needed to do to get through and never mind about the rest.

I also had a cowboy/ cowgirl party to plan because my babies turned 4 yesterday and no, I can’t believe how quickly the time’s gone either.

Were any of you around in the good old days when one day I was pregnant and the next announced their birth so unexpectedly?

Good times!

Here are a few photos we took on Saturday just before we left for their party…



and at their party 🙂


Did you have a good weekend?

PS the last of the money posts will appear on Wednesday

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