{Marcia gets craftsy} Photo cards

Photo cards | Organising Queen

This has got to be the easiest crafts ever. And one of the cutest. And a great way to use up extra photos you might have just thrown away or given to the kids to cut up *ahem*


White cardstock (I happened to have some white cards ready so I used those)

Glue/ foam dots (or double-sided tape)

Photos (10 X 15)

Photo cards | Organising Queen


Stick the 4 glue dots about 5 mm from the corners of the card

Affix your photo carefully


How easy is that?!

Photo cards | Organising Queen

I got the idea from the lovely Georgia who took photos in her mom and MIL’s gardens and then made each of them a personalised set of notecards. SOOOO clever.

I just found the stash of extra cards around here (sometimes the printer acts up and prints the first one twice, or I find I miscounted and I only have so many photo sleeves in my album, or the Project Life spread suddenly doesn’t need that extra photo), and made a random selection of photos.

Photo cards | Organising Queen

Very clever trick – I found a couple of extra copies from our photoshoot late last year which I attached to existing thank-you cards we have from when the babies were 15 months old. The kids look very different now so I’d stopped using them but now I have a vision for these cards again 🙂

Photo cards | Organising Queen Photo cards | Organising Queen  Photo cards | Organising Queen  Photo cards | Organising Queen

I hope you give this a try and use up any photos laying around. The more arbitrary the photo, the better. (at least I think so).

Please let me know if you make some cards.

Do you just toss leftover photos? How do you use them?

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