What’s making me happier? 7 Power Hour

Happy August!

It’s my birthday month 🙂

I also can’t believe winter’s nearly over 🙁 As you know, I love winter

Last Monday night I posted a pic on Instagram of a few things I intended to do during my Power Hour.

I got my tax documents together at home, one was on my work laptop and one I emailed the company about there and then.

The company in question sent me my tax certificate mid-morning on Tuesday, I was out of a meeting after lunch, compiled all the things and emailed them off to my Tax Guy.

He did the calcs, sent to me to review, and after I paid him, he submitted it to SARS.

All on Tuesday.

My refund was in my bank account on Thursday morning.

Happy days!

Getting money is always a source of happiness but the real thing that made me happy was the efficiency of people who are expert and get things done.

It is well worth the money to me yearly to pay him to do my tax. Yes, I could do it myself and in fact, I used to, but because it was a once a year thing, I’d have to figure out the system again and all that learning is not necessary when he works with this stuff daily.

One email and a proof of payment later, and it’s done. Literally minutes on my side.

So, if you’re South African and you need a tax guy, I can recommend him because this is year 4 I’ve used him – contact me in the comments. I also have an ex-coaching client who does tax who I can also recommend.

But otherwise, think about something you battle with that someone else can quite easily do because it’s their area of expertise. Now book that person.

Where do you need help in your life?

(I booked a handyman for our old house – best money spent. His team whizzed around the house fixing all the bits and pieces, and things that were intimidating to us were taken care of.)

Do you follow Organising Queen on Instagram? I’ll post some goals review photos during this week.

Power hour

I always have a notebook on the passenger seat of my car. In this notebook, I jot down my commute times to and from work (it helps me to think of it as a race… but a safe race, because I don’t speed), anything interesting I want to remember from a podcast or audio book and to-do lists.

The other day I wrote down 6 items in just 37 minutes (it was a good day!).

I pulled out the page from the spiral-bound book and walked into the building with it clutched in my hand.

My colleague asked about it and I said, “I need a personal assistant. Look at all the stuff I need to get done”

And then I realised that a lot of it could be dealt with in a power hour.

Power hour | www.OrganisingQueen.com

I heard about this concept of the power hour on Gretchen Rubin’s podcast, Happier, and I must say I love it.

A lot of my items – four of the six – could be knocked off with some dedicated online shopping 🙂 – and the other two could be scheduled in my diary or the arrangements could be made in a typical power hour.

The idea is that you don’t put things on your power hour list that you would have to do anyway, but I like the idea of just having the dedicated time to knock off some life admin.

I’ve scheduled my own power hour for Saturday evening.

Do you like the idea of a power hour? Do you currently have one? When is yours scheduled?

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