{time} 3 different ways to think about time

Time is so precious. We’ve also all been at different points of the time continuum during the pandemic. Some of us have felt like we have plenty of time to indulge in hobbies; others (me!) are working all the hours just to keep up.

This is not an article on how to create more time but it is meant to provide some food for thought on how you currently are spending your time:

1. What are your top time priorities?

Yes, the answer to this question changes from life stage to life stage and most definitely during the pandemic. My top three priorities have been my own and my family’s health (both physical and mental), managing my work responsibilities and retaining a semblance of myself with things that are fun for me. Included are eating, sleeping, managing stress, and exercising well. I don’t sleep well if I worry too much about work and I’m not in a great space mentally if I don’t also do fun things for me, so they all tie together.

Can you identify your top time priorities?

If we’re not intentional about our time and how we spend it, I promise you others will fill it up with their priorities. Interestingly, these two things are almost never the same. See full caption from Instagram here.

2. Is your time spent in alignment with those priorities?

If you look over your week or month, does your time spent look like you’re prioritising the correct things? It’s okay if it doesn’t currently align, but at least you now have the awareness.

How will you know that things are not aligned? You can’t find anything in your schedule that aligns with your priorities. Maybe you do find your priorities on your schedule but there’s not enough time allocated, e.g. exercise or hobbies or fun? What are you dreaming about at night? That’s also a signal you’re not dealing with things during your waking hours.

Where do you feel out of alignment?

3. Which time statement do you find yourself saying to yourself or others? Consider these two sentence pairs.

a) I have to
…. feels like you have no choice while I get to…. feels like you have made the choice to do it. The second statement is more empowering.

Example: I have to make the kids’ lunches (sounds like a chore) vs I get to make the kids’ lunches (feels to me like an act of service/ love). Another very relevant one during Covid: I have to work late (you have no choice in the matter)  vs I get to work late (I have the luxury of no commute so I can put in an extra hour or two occasionally).

b) I don’t have time feels disempowering while it’s not a priority for me right now feels like a carefully-considered time choice.

I get how the second statement can feel awkward sometimes but it’s kinder than not being honest with yourself and others. Brene Brown says “clear is kind” and it feels very kind to me to say honestly if something isn’t a priority in your life at this time.

How has your thinking changed?

{goals} My quarterly goals update

Gosh, we’re one week out from the end of March which means it’s time to review our quarterly goals and set some new ones.

First , a review in case you missed it earlier on the blog:

Quarterly planning
Monthly planning

What went well for me this quarter?

  1. Exercise – regularly doing Zumba twice weekly and my Barre class started up again mid-Feb
  2. My #read21in2021 is going so well. I just set the timer, pick up my non-fiction book and read. I’ve finished nearly 8 books already this quarter (my goal was 6)
  3. House projects – the bathroom reno, fumigator has been, window cleaners are booked for Monday (this is one of those things that people don’t mention when you buy a house on a hill) and we’ve ordered a canvas for our stairwell. 

What could be improved?

  1. I’m still working on setting better boundaries around work
  2. Need to book next holiday so we have something to look forward to
  3. Friend stuff – I can’t build connections via text or whatsapp. I’m phone burnt out 😮 and need to speak on a real phone or look people in the eyes and not via a screen.

How are your quarterly goals looking?

Why don’t you join me and set aside some time in the next week to jot down some goals for the next quarter?

{work with Marcia} Book your time makeover session now

If one of your goals for 2021 is to get your time sorted, give yourself the gift of a time makeover session.

Use our time together to get ideas and motivation to…

  • break out of overwhelm
  • calm down and get clear on your priorities
  • put an action plan in place to get things back under control
  • practical tips to be more productive (if that’s what you want)
  • challenge your mindset… gently but firmly
  • if you run a business, to maximise your time so you don’t need to work crazy hours

Book a 30- or 60-minute session, whichever best suits your budget. I’ll send you the prep pack and we’ll get your session scheduled.

Read testimonials here and contact me when you’d like to get your session booked.

{Chloe} on simplify your life – week 2

This week’s lesson is all about priorities. Before I get to this burning topic, let me share with you my two favorite parts of the lesson. First, this terrific quote by Stephen Covey:

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

LOVE it!! The second one is the first sentences of the lesson:

“We’ve all been told that we can have it all and that we can do everything. That is correct! BUT, and this is a big BUT, we can’t do everything all at the same time.”

How true is this??

So, back to the lesson. This one was pretty easy because I already did a similar exercise of listing my priorities a couple months ago, but it’s always nice to see if and how things have changed. The most important things in my life right now are people I love (family, boyfriend and (true) friends), myself (physical and mental health, creativity, growth and self-improvement, etc.) and my home. This last one is not a priority in itself, but to me it’s a tool to help be take care of my other “true” priorities. If my house is a mess, I can’t welcome friends impromptu without being worried of what they’ll think, I can’t relax and take care of myself without this nagging inside voice telling “you should do this or that!!”, so a nice house, a home, is a step towards a good care of my true priorities.

My number one priority was, a couple months ago, to have a baby. Although I’ve left it on top of my list, I’m not sure it’s really a good idea because it’s not something I have control over. With our infertility issues, it hugely depends on medicine and luck, not much on us. Still, it’s good to keep it as my number 1 because there are many things I can do to help the doctors: lose weight, be less stressed, make sure that I have all paperwork done so that I can have the treatement paid, put our finances back in order to start saving money for this baby and all (s)he’ll need.

It was great to reflect on this. Priorities was almost the word I picked for my 2011 “one little word” , but I finally chose perspective. I even made a digiscrapping page about it (click for bigger image):


I think I definitely need to make one about my priorities. I’m a very visual person and those reminders always help! I’ll share it with you when it gets done! 😉

Take care!!

And now a few words from me (Marcia)

Chloe, thank you for being so open and honest. I love receiving your posts every week as they are inspiration to me, let alone to everyone else reading 🙂

Well done – I’m proud of you.


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