How I’m approaching #write 24 in 2024

Confession – only 1 of Gretchen’s previous challenges worked for me. If you’re guessing it was the #read21in2021, you would be correct. I’m terrible at rest and being outside and, well, we won’t talk about 2020 and its effect on financial services in South Africa.

Since I already read plenty of minutes daily, I decided to focus the 2021 challenge on non-fiction, in particular, working through all the books on my physical bookshelf. I had been through the bookshelf many times and decluttered the books I was no longer interested in reading, but all that remained, I did want to read, I just… didn’t. There’s always something more exciting to read, isn’t there?

So #21in2021. I read 32 non-fiction books that year, 36 books in 2022, and 26 books last year in 2023. This year, I intend to finish the remaining 10 physical books and then I hope to never buy a physical non-fiction book again. I discovered during 2021/ 2022 that I love the practice of listening to 30 minutes from a non-fiction book every morning while showering and getting ready for the day. I’ve not stopped this since 2020. It’s not always 30 minutes but I always get in at least 15.

What worked about my #read21in2021?

I made it work for me and it was already hooked to a general habit I had nailed – reading.

This year when I heard that it was #write24in2024, I immediately thought, “oh no, that’s too much on a daily basis” until I listened to the podcast episode explaining it.

  • I then did the same thing I did with the reading – thought about how I could make it work for me.
  • I want to build a better writing practice on weekends to get my newsletter out on a monthly basis.
  • I want to get better with blogging regularly – not just a spurt of 4  – 8 blogs and then nothing for months on end.
  • I want to create regularly daily reminders for myself in my 2024 wellness diary and note down the things I am tracking, like sleep and water.

Given these items, I decided how I would #write24in2024.

  1. I use the weekdays for daily updating of my wellness diary in 2 – 4 minutes.
  2. I keep a bookmark to my newsletter provider on my laptop so that if I want to quickly jot down a sentence or two in two minutes, I can.
  3. I use the Sunday’s 24 minutes to write the monthly newsletter over two weeks. On the other two weeks I write a blog or set up a few 3 things mini newsletters.
  4. On that note, I set my stopwatch on my iphone and write until I feel “done”. Usually it’s been in the region of 48 – 49 minutes. I write what I want, choose a few photos and set it to publish during the week when I’m at work.
  5. The idea is to either publish a blog on a Monday or send out a newsletter during the last week of the month. At least that’s what worked in January – two blogs, two newsletters (both written in January although the first one could be the year-end wrap-up) and two mini-newsletters (these are easily 24 minutes each).
  6. I am also using #write24in2024 to do my monthly reflections and goal-setting. If I were more organised, I would use it for some tracking and weekly reflections too.

It’s going really well so far, one month down.

How are you doing with any of your project -based annual goals?

Half-year update on The 52 Project

This year I’m doing two main projects – The 52 Project – where I take a picture every week of my kids, and my #52walksin2015 project.

I’m updating today on the first project because:

  1. it keeps me accountable
  2. helps me to keep my photos reasonably organised if I know I have to give you feedback

This Sunday will be number 30 for the year and I’ve only missed 1 Sunday – the weekend Dion and I went away.

I was also away this past weekend but I got Dion to take a pic with one of our other cameras.

My purposes for this project are simply to get a snapshot in time. I don’t care about perfect clothes (obviously), kids, etc. I just want to take a pic of them on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s really cool to see the changing of the seasons too.

These photos are the 25 I have up until the end of June.

As I always say, it’s never too late to start a project!

Tips and tricks:

  1. make it super easy (I take a few minutes and we’re done)
  2. label your photos well
  3. keep track (I have a spreadsheet with weeks of the year and dates)
  4. choose the photo that is most interesting/ tells a story, not necessarily the picture perfect one – those are the ones people (and your kids) are interested in
  5. store your chosen pics in a separate folder and label accordingly – you may want to make a photo album at the end of the year. I have a folder called The 52 Project and my files are labelled 01-52, 02-52, etc.

I’m going to have to do a similar sorting exercise for my #52walksin2015 project but I know we’d done 32 walks by the time we returned from our holiday a few weeks ago.

You can check out how I’m doing on my Goodreads reading challenge by clicking the link on the top right of the sidebar —–>>>>

How are you doing on your projects?

Do you have a photo/ walking/ running/ crafting project going on?

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