Coaching the Four Tendencies

Coaching and the Four Tendencies |

When I was listening to the book, I realised something really cool about coaching the Four Tendencies:

I’m an Upholder. I have coached other Upholders but usually only for laser coaching where the person was clear about what they wanted to do and just needed strategies and guidance on getting there. Here’s the thing – they didn’t need the weekly accountability part of coaching because they already respond very well to their own inner and others’ outer expectations.

I have never coached a Rebel. At least I don’t think so. If you’re a Rebel and I’ve coached you, let me know – I’m so curious. That’s because Rebels do whatever the heck they want IF they want to do it.

Coaching and the Four Tendencies |

I have coached quite a few Questioners and these people are usually the ones who really like me to ask clarifying questions and make them think about why they want to do something, be a particular way, etc. They like being challenged in their thinking. They like the intentions-based, values type of coaching because it satisfies the WHY they already always ask.

The bulk of the people I’ve worked with over the years though have been Obligers. This is kind of obvious when you read/ listen to the book because Obligers readily respond to external accountability and they need other people to make them accountable to get things done. That is exactly what I, as their coach, would provide, especially with the weekly accountability.

Coaching and the Four Tendencies |

If you haven’t yet taken the free Four Tendencies quiz, you’re missing out.

And best of all for me, when someone now approaches me for coaching, I can have them take the quiz and they will then decide which type of coaching is best for them. Isn’t that cool?

I’m counting on everybody reading to take the quiz and let me know 🙂

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Sometimes the best ideas happen quite by accident

We had a photo shoot done recently and I’ve got to tell you… I am in love with it.

Not from a vanity point of view but just that it is so me.

Of course it does help that everybody who sees the pics says they love them 🙂

Connor poking Friday’s eye out… and enjoying it. This is so him!
enjoying a joke
Mummy and Kendra (my snuggle bug)
Love love LOVE!

I’m still deciding which to have printed on canvas.

Part of my process is to print 10 X 15s of the ones I’m thinking of printing BIG just to make sure.

It’s much cheaper to spend R3 a pic to make sure you’re happy with the quality, colour, etc. than to spend R500 on a canvas and it is not exactly what you had in mind.

Last year after looking through pics on my computer I thought I’d have a particular pic printed on canvas. Good thing I had the small prints done because I changed my mind.

Back to this year’s shoot.

I loved so, so many I had 150 printed.

And it has been the best thing ever.

I had an album that takes 100 pics so on Friday night I sat and arranged the best 150 in the album.

Let me tell you… I can’t stop looking through it.

I’ve said before that I think we all (a collective all) don’t print enough pics now that we’re digital.

E.g. When we visited Australia in 2004, we had about 8 rolls of film developed. That’s 288.

Most of those except the obvious duds – I’d say about 250 – are in photo albums.

When we visited Thailand in 2006, we also took hundreds of pics and I have 2 printed. Yes, you read that right – TWO!

And yet I love looking at them.

So I’ve decided on a little project once my Christmas organising is out of the way.

I’m going to haul out those discs and get our travel pics printed and put in albums.

Do you have your photos printed regularly?

How do you display them?

Photos taken by Jeanette Verster (click through to see a few of the others)

How do you start your week off purposefully?

I’ve been on leave from my full-time job for the last two weeks and I go back on Tuesday.

That has been all the incentive I’ve needed to get our home sorted to start our week purposefully.

Today I

  1. cooked a meal, enough for 8 portions (4 meals for us)
  2. made my weekly menu plan, both for us and for the kids, and made notes about when I have to actually cook (I don’t cook every day)
  3. decluttered my fridge and freezer (is it just me or is there something so satisfying about finishing bits of food, throwing away old foods and organising it all nicely?!)
  4. threw a load of laundry in the machine, ready to go first thing when I wake tomorrow
  5. tidied the kitchen and laundry

Even though everything isn’t as clean or as organised as I’d like it to be (don’t even think about peeking into my laundry), I feel calm, organised in my mind and ready to tackle the week.

We women are the home managers (in most cases) and if we’re prepared and organised, the whole tone of the home is peaceful, calm and in order – just like I like it!

How do you start your week off purposefully?

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