Santa’s Shoebox 2011 & teaching kids generosity

Just to close the loop on the Santa’s Shoebox Project…

We went to drop off our 3 boxes (plus 2 from my colleague) on Saturday.

I found the whole thing extremely well organised.

There was a guy at the gate who suggested we quickly park and workers there would collect our boxes but I said, “no!!!! I want the whole experience. The children want to hand over their boxes personally, but thanks for offering”.

Turns out all my preparation didn’t change their personalities 🙂 as Kendra HOWLED when we tried to get her to hand over her box but Connor happily handed over all the boxes.

Dion with my colleague’s boxes
The lady giving my kids stickers – they loved it
those are our 3 boxes
And so ends Santa’s Shoebox 2011.
We will definitely participate every year from now onwards.
Not only is it for a very worthy cause but more important to me, it’s teaching our kids gratitude for all the things they are blessed to have and that they need to have a spirit of generosity.
When they’re a little older, I’ll also explain to them about their “brother”, a World Vision child that we sponsor.
How do you teach your kids to have a giving heart?

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17 [31 days] organising your Santa’s shoebox

Have you heard of Santa’s Shoebox?

Someone sent me a mail and I signed up to donate 3 boxes.

The box needs to contain both practical and fun things, so both things like toothpaste/ toothbrush and also something nice to eat and wear. They give you a list with ideas so don’t be overwhelmed if you’re not familiar with kids. It’s actually very organised.

We’re doing a box for a two-year-old boy and girl (I’ve told the kids we’re doing presents for kids who don’t have a mummy and daddy), and a 13-year-old girl (that’s just so I can have some fun buying teenage stuff :)).


This is how I organised my stuff…

I printed the list and made some columns on the left to tick as I bought the items.

This list is on top of a clear plastic storage container with all the things inside.

We went to do the final bits of shopping today and I’ll be assembling it all this weekend ready for the drop-off on Sat 29th.

You all know how passionate I am about writing cards so the kids and I will be writing each of the kids a nice Christmas card 🙂 from the Francois family.

If you’re in SA and you’re willing and able to give, please consider sponsoring a box. I understand from my friend who’s volunteering that there are 1500 kids in Jhb North who still need sponsors. More in the rest of the country.

Even if you’re not in South Africa, maybe these tips could help you with similar initiatives in your community?


Is anyone reading doing Santa’s Shoebox? Is your box ready yet?


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