{What’s making me happier?} 9 – Uber

In January when we were in Cape Town, someone drove into our rental car and, long story short, the rental company tried to claim other people’s damages plus the ones incurred while the car was in our possession.

Fortunately, my attention to detail picked that up and after many, many emails, they eventually reduced the bill by a third. It still cost us R15 000 which made me feel very cross and left a very bad taste in my mouth.

I can’t deal with companies who have no integrity so I told Dion, I will NEVER use them again. I will either Uber if it operates in the area, or use the other vendor who we used to use years ago.

So for this holiday in Ballito, I did some research and Uber operates all over the north coast. YAY.

We ubered to the airport from our home, to the holiday accommodation, around Ballito for 10 days, back to the airport, and again home from OR Tambo, all for the sum of…………………wait for this………………… R962 total.

I sent Dion an uber code which entitled us to two free trips – his one and my one for referring him. If not for those two free trips, we would have paid at most R1038 (the most we’d paid to that shopping centre over the 10 days).

The rental car for the same period would have cost R3 500 (after using all our loyalty partner discounts) plus the valet parking service we usually use would have been R550 totalling R4050.

We saved R3 000 !

Can you tell how happy that makes me?

Sure there was some inconvenience waiting 6 minutes here and there, but R15 000 vs slight inconvenience means I’d take the inconvenience any day.

I do like that it made us be more intentional about our holiday, so we planned our trips to the big shopping centres better, and relaxed more 🙂

Over to you.

Do you use Uber? Would you use Uber for a family holiday?

I’ve been uber-ing for over a year now for both business and personal use. I love that I don’t have to have cash handy, I can estimate my arrival time and that I can also send an Uber to pick up other people 🙂

If you’re not already an Uber user, download the app and use promo code marciaf201ue to get your first ride free. I will then also get a ride free.

This is not a sponsored post!

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