Weekend routines and rhythms

We are all different personalities and need different rhythms for our weekends to feel like they were good ones.

What is important and consistent across personality types is for all of us to decide for ourselves what the components are that will make a weekend feel successful, and then incorporate those elements into our days.

This will also differ according to different times and life stages, e.g. in winter I cook more because that feels more life-giving to me, but in summer I only want to be in the kitchen a very short time.

Let’s look at some components of a successful weekend, shall we?

church – anchor event

1. Anchor events and scheduled activities

In this section, extroverts will typically want to have more time spent with other people where introverts will be happier by themselves.

I have at least three anchor events on most weekends – a tea with a friend after work on Fridays, Saturday morning Zumba and Sunday morning church. Those things are scheduled and in my diary, and can move, but probably won’t.

2. Downtime

We all need downtime, but what downtime looks like for you may differ to the next person.

Some people relax by reading on the couch; others relax by going for a long run. You do you.

3. Chores

Let’s face it – we all look forward to getting some nagging things off the to-do list and I, as an enneagram 1, like nothing more than to potter and set things in order in my home. The week is often for keeping the house ticking over and weekends are when I (and you) can devote a longer period of time to a little deeper cleaning or organising, like swopping summer and winter clothes, decluttering your kitchen cupboards, etc.

4. Planning

This only has to take 20 – 30 minutes but is so useful if done consistently. I know some couples who take time on a Friday night to plan for the week ahead. I do my planning in two stages – quickly on a Friday night or Saturday morning I plan the menu for the week ahead and write out the shopping list, and then on a Sunday afternoon, I take 5 – 10 minutes to review and plan for the week ahead. On very busy weekends, I might push the planning to a Monday night but I like to still get it done.

I need to get out once a day at least or else I get cabin fever 😉 but other than that, I like to both relax and get things done around the house every weekend. This goes out the window if I have a heat headache but if I’m well, that sounds like the perfect weekend for me.

I’m flexible around my loose plan (typical upholder!) but I do need those first three components to be present, and I feel like I’m winning for the next week too if I get my planning done.

What are the components for you to feel like you’ve had a successful weekend?

My weekend planning routine

I’ve written before about how I like to organise my weekends.

Laura Vanderkam also has some good ideas in her little book. My favourite insight from that book is that there are 60 hours from Friday night to Monday morning.

60 hours is plenty to get lots of things done.

I usually start the heading in my bullet journal on the Thursday night because that’s when Beth and I chat.

Some things happen every week

A really great weekend for me has these sections covered:

  • out and about
  • productive stuff in the house
  • relaxing
  • computer things (sometimes) like blogging/ photos, etc.

Obviously, the key is to be mindful of what makes a good weekend for you (maybe that’s getting set up with lunches and choosing work clothes for the week ahead).

A great week starts with a well-planned weekend.

Once my list is done, I leave my notebook open so I see it all the time just to keep me focussed throughout the weekend. I’m not obsessively checking my list but every 4 – 6 hours I’ll see it and update.

I like to highlight the entry when done or if I want a cleaner looking page, I put a cross in the block.

I never ever complete my entire list; usually there are about 2 – 3 things undone every weekend but I’ll tell you a secret – on the one or two weekends I don’t even make a list, I feel like I was a complete sloth and that I got nothing done.

What are the categories you like to include in your weekend plans?

Live with intention: make a weekend list this week and tag me @organisingqueen when you post your list on social media (you can blur it if you want to keep things private)

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