A small thing that made all the difference

A few months ago, to my utter surprise, I finished ALL my weekly goals and got my daily to-dos done without much striving.

Do you know what the difference was?

I worked from home 3 times that week and left my diary and goals notebook open on my desk all the time.

How is that a big deal, you ask?

I agree!

I didn’t think it was a big deal either but clearly it is.

Seeing my goals and to-dos visible on a daily basis without having to open notebooks and take them from my bag or box on my other desk made the difference.

I generally pack up and clear everything all the time which means I’m not reminded unless I consciously open the notebook and look at the page.

The reason I don’t do it all the time is that our nanny is in and out of my study, and when Dion works from home, he lets the kids into the study (I don’t let them play in here – this is a workspace).

I’ve since thought of a solution. I can simply ask the nanny to sweep and mop on one day every week and not go into the study on the other days.

That way, I can leave my stuff open and visible without privacy concerns.

I shared this story with you because you may not be getting to your goals just because you’re forgetting them.

A tech-y way to do the same is to take a picture and save it as your lock screen on your phone. Change this every week/ month. Or type into your notes and save the notes screenshot as your lock screen.

There are ways to keep our goals visible and front-of-mind; we just have to be a bit intentional.

Has this helped give you ideas?

How do you remember your weekly goals?

{Time management} Weekly goals


Weekly goals | Organising Queen

Goals work best when they move top down.

In other words… life mission, long-term, medium-term, annual, monthly, weekly, daily.

Today I want to quickly share how I do my weekly goals.

Why weekly?

I love having an intermediate step in between monthly and daily goals. Also, I feel like I’m making steady progress yet I never feel rushed.

How I do weekly goals

  1. I look at my monthly goals and see which of those need traction or which feel like they want working with 🙂
  2. I choose about 4 – 6 personal and 4 – 6 business every week.
  3. Some are recurring – every week I have “blog 3 times” and “____ mins on photos” and some are new.
  4. When Beth and I chat, I write the goals down in my diary as in the photo above. Personal, Business, and Beth’s goals for the week underneath. I only took a photo of the top for privacy reasons.
  5. As I complete tasks, I highlight them, again as you can see in the pic above. I love doing them this way because I can still see what I had on the list but I get the satisfaction of crossing something off.

That’s it – easy-peasy. I don’t believe in complicated systems and this works for me.

Do you do weekly goals?

How do you track your goals?

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