What’s making me happier? 7 Power Hour

Happy August!

It’s my birthday month πŸ™‚

I also can’t believe winter’s nearly over πŸ™ As you know, I love winter

Last Monday night I posted a pic on Instagram of a few things I intended to do during my Power Hour.

I got my tax documents together at home, one was on my work laptop and one I emailed the company about there and then.

The company in question sent me my tax certificate mid-morning on Tuesday, I was out of a meeting after lunch, compiled all the things and emailed them off to my Tax Guy.

He did the calcs, sent to me to review, and after I paid him, he submitted it to SARS.

All on Tuesday.

My refund was in my bank account on Thursday morning.

Happy days!

Getting money is always a source of happiness but the real thing that made me happy was the efficiency of people who are expert and get things done.

It is well worth the money to me yearly to pay him to do my tax. Yes, I could do it myself and in fact, I used to, but because it was a once a year thing, I’d have to figure out the system again and all that learning is not necessary when he works with this stuff daily.

One email and a proof of payment later, and it’s done. Literally minutes on my side.

So, if you’re South African and you need a tax guy, I can recommend him because this is year 4 I’ve used him – contact me in the comments. I also have an ex-coaching client who does tax who I can also recommend.

But otherwise, think about something you battle with that someone else can quite easily do because it’s their area of expertise. Now book that person.

Where do you need help in your life?

(I booked a handyman for our old house – best money spent. His team whizzed around the house fixing all the bits and pieces, and things that were intimidating to us were taken care of.)

Do you follow Organising Queen on Instagram? I’ll post some goals review photos during this week.

What’s making me happier? 6

This is a story about a kettle.

Before we moved to our old house nearly 11 years ago, I bought a new kettle thinking surely this one would break soon.


We’d already had it for about two years then, and this is not an expensive kettle by any means.

Well, we moved in, kept waiting for this kettle to expire and it just never did.

Last year when I Konmari’d the house, I finally donated the other kettle which was still new and in its box! You see, I have a strange attachment to this one now and I’m rather keen to see how long it will last.

It’s about 13 years old, and still going strong!

So here we are, 3 days in the new house, and I’m going to just keep enjoying using it. And when it needs to be replaced, I’ll go out and get a new kettle then.

This week, my 13-year-old kettle is making me very happy!


What’s making you happier this week?

What’s making me happier this week? 5

Guys, remember how I said before that my bullet journal was too pretty for scribbling?


It was all about the cute factor!

Well, I’ve got over that mindset challenge and I now scribble, make budgeting notes, highlight, use different colour pens on the same page, etc. I half-fill pages, I cross off things and I actually (gasp!) use my notebook.

And the fact that I have all the information with me in this little bullet journal makes me a lot happier.

Bullet Journal-008Β  Bullet Journal-006

Who else is bullet journalling?

Have you relaxed your standards, or were you realistic about the cute factor from the start? πŸ˜‰

What’s making me happier this week? 4

As you know, I am packing up my house.

When I get back from work, after supper and sorting out the kids, I’m packing. Up to last Thursday I also practised my flamenco in between the packing.

It can get very boring but what’s making me happier this week is listening to podcasts while I pack.

(I have a post on my list of blog to-dos to update you on my current favourite podcasts but for now, I’ll share one I love, love, love.

Alec Baldwin’s podcast, Here’s the thing, is fantastic.


Dion and I were analysing it this morning on the way to work and we decided that aside from his fabulous voice (me!), and his great interviewing skills, he is also an actor and people therefore share more with him.

Anyway, it’s just magic!

I’ve listened to about 6 episodes and I recommend the ones with Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Joel and Molly Ringwald. Mickey Rourke’s one is also good if you don’t mind the salty language!

What’s making you happier this week?

What’s making me happier this week? (3)

We stayed at an amazing house during some of our holiday in Cape Town.

It was very neutral and beachy, and I kept thinking I want more of that feeling in my own house. And it had grey towels throughout πŸ™‚


So when we put our house on the market, I thought, “ah! I need to get some grey towels” and so I did. A bonus for me – I even managed to get the perfect size of bathroom mat for the smallest bathroom in the world. It’s as if the mat was made for this tiny space.

And friends, wow, this grey towel and bathmat are making me SOOOOO happy. I even went back and bought a grey facecloth for me πŸ™‚

What’s making you happy this week?

What’s making me happier this week (2)

I started a little feature on the blog two weeks ago which is actually the perfect start to the week for living intentionally inspiration.


This week my pool cover is making me so happy for a number of reasons:

  1. I don’t have to see the green pool in winter
  2. it looks neater
  3. it prevents water from evaporating which means we save money
  4. in summer, it will keep the heat in the pool
  5. it cost much less than what I thought it would

I’m really not sure why it took us nearly 11 years to find out about pool covers but I’m loving it! When we get to the new house, I’m ordering one immediately πŸ™‚

We’re paying a fortune for water these days so any bit helps.

What’s making you really happy this week?

What’s making me happier this week (1)

Gretchen Rubin has a little 1 – 2-minute podcast on a Monday which is called A Little Happier, just a quick inspiration for the week ahead.

I thought I would do a similar thing on this blog but I’d share a couple of small things that are making me a LOT happier.

I actually have 3 for this week but I only have a photo of the one, so I’ll post the others in weeks to come.


this is the nice, bright light and bonus – it also makes cool patterns on the wall πŸ™‚

At some point we swopped out our regular lightbulbs for the energy-efficient ones. The problem is that the energy-efficient ones were only available in a much lower wattage (?) for the fittings we had (bayonet).

A few days ago I woke up early and turning on the lamp hardly did a thing in terms of light.

That was my trigger because I really wanted to read instead of scrolling Instagram.

I went to get a proper lightbulb and I swear my happiness increased 100-fold.


Now I love reading in bed again. I read TWO books this weekend with my nice, bright bedside lamp πŸ™‚

I’ve previously referred to these tiny annoyances as tolerations and you can read more about them at that link.

Which tolerations are you putting up with that you can fix super-quick?

What’s making you a little (or a lot) happier this week?

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