5 ways to organise your health and fitness goals

Did you know what the two New Year’s Resolutions/ goals are that are on almost everyone’s lists?

1. Lose weight
2. Get organised

Judging from the parking lot at the gym, number one is a whole lot more popular at the moment 😉

It also happens to be one of my goals for the year. Granted, I don’t have a huge amount to lost but I am small-framed so every kilo shows quickly.

There are a couple of things I’m doing that seem to be working for me and I thought I’d also share them with you:

1. Decide on an exercise programme ahead of time

I also like a bit of “go with the flow” spontaneity but that just doesn’t go with a weight loss regime.

I checked the gym’s schedule of classes (I only do group workouts) and decided which ones I’d do every week.

One less reason to procrastinate exercising.

2. Make yourself accountable to as many people as possible

I’ve told everyone in my team at work that I intend going to the gym every Monday and Wednesday and that they have the right to check in with me every Tuesday and Thursday to see if I’ve been.

Also, at the end of each class, I tell a couple of the regulars, “see you on Wednesday” so that there’s additional accountability.

3. Set yourself up for success

When I get home from work I change out of my work clothes and straight into my gym clothes. I’ve found that when I’m dressed the part I’m less likely to try and skip the workout.

4. Organise your eating

Every week I decide in advance what I’ll have for breakfast, lunch and supper so I’m less likely to snack on just anything.

I’m by no means perfect but I know I eat a lot less of the wrong foods by planning my meals.

5. Pack your “out of the house” food

It’s good to know what you’re going to eat as in number 4 but when you’re starving and it’ll take 30 minutes to find a healthy meal, you’re more likely to simply grab a bag of crisps and a Coke.

Again, I pre-pack cereals, etc. for the entire week and every night while preparing supper, I empty out my lunch bag and repack with food for the following day.

So far so good.

I’ve only been doing this for two weeks this year but from previous years’ experience, I know this system works well for me.

The one thing I need to stop doing is…

Buying chocolate. I keep saying I’ll only have one little block but so far that’s not working so no more!

What do you do to set yourself up for success with your weight loss and fitness goals? And what do you need to stop doing?

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  1. Keep at it, it WILL work.

  2. jo ashcroft says

    Hey there,

    I have enjoyed reading your articles this last week. This one struck a chord.

    I have been trying to lose weight for a while- like you not much but enough to make clothes a bit tighter. I can never seem to get into an exercise routine but I know it makes all the difference.

    Well I have made myself accountable to a few people and have a plan in place. I have signed up to do a marathon ( did oe a few years ago and promised myself I would do another), printed out a training plan and am sticking to it… and am raising money for charity so EVERYONE I know now has the right to ask me how it is going!

    Thank so s much for the inspirational words.

  3. i’m planning to work out as well to get myself fit. i lost a lot of weight from breastfeeding my baby up to now that he’s 20 months old. but since i’m not working out, i have these love handles that doesn’t look so great. thanks so much for the tips. i am so looking forward to going back to belly dancing. i just can’t seem to find the time – ugh! another excuse!

  4. This is the first year I’ve really been serious about starting a health regimen, since my theme for this year is all things Health. Physical health, financial health, spiritual health. Getting physically fit is really the top thing on my list. Unfortunately, I’ve started the year with a bout of pneumonia, and when I work, I have to get up at 3:45AM. I get home around 5:30 PM, and set my bedtime for 8:00PM. That leaves me 2 and 1/2 hours for some kind of workout and a shower before bed. I take pilates on Saturdays and Mondays at 6-7PM. My gym is open 24 hours, and so far I’ve scheduled Sundays for the treadmill. Bible study is on Wednesday nights and I’m exhausted the rest of the week when I come home, so I go to bed early. I’m trying to fit in more gym time, but I need to be realistic about this goal. The real work comes in limiting my portions and eliminating the sweets at work during the day. If I can do that consistently, I should be good to go for now.

  5. I set up an appointment with my personal trainer on Monday. That way I have to go because I have an actual appointment! Since it is on Monday, it gets me motivated to go to the gym the rest of the week. My trainer also keeps me accountable by asking how often I’ve been to the gym since our last appointment. At the beginning of the week I pick out which classes or which days I’m going to go to the gym.

    I’ve also been keeping a food journal to track how many calories I’m eating. I can also see how balanced my nutrition is (or isn’t) and can make adjustments.

    The last thing I”ve been doing is menu planning each week. I sit down and write out a menu for the week and then go grocery shopping for any items I need. This has really been helping cut out the number of times I eat out during the week, and cuts my stress over what to make for dinner!

  6. As far as fitness goals go – I find having a plan “b” works wonders. If for some reason whatever fitness you had planned for the day falls through have a backup fitness plan. This way you can’t trick yourself out of it and you keep your routine in place.

    For example if your plan was to go for a morning walk and it is bucketing down – have a plan be of going to the community pool for a swim.

  7. Greatings, Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.
    Thank you

  8. What do I do? Not enough! I love your tips!

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