What are your Sunday night rituals?

Sunday night has always been a transition for me – an easing out of weekend and easing into the work week.

Some things I typically do is:

  1. plan the week ahead – make sure all appointments are in my paper diary and allocate time for my weekly tasks
  2. plan our menus for the week
  3. plan the babies’ food for the week
  4. pack my work bag (I use a fun handbag on the weekends)
  5. pack my lunch for Monday

What are some of your Sunday night rituals?

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  1. I love these. I am very similar. And instead of baby food, I add choose chores for the week with the family and coordinate schedules. I also make sure I plan at least one things to look forward to every day.

  2. When I was working full-time I used to spend Sunday nights preparing for the week ahead in terms of packed lunch, work bag, papers etc. I’ve now found working part-time I spend more time focusing on helping hubby not focus on work as he works such long hrs and every other weekend. I think we’ve both noticed spending Sunday night not doing all of the above has helped Monday morning become a lot let ominous. Whilst there is a need for prep and plan time, I try and get this out of the way well before the evening comes so we can spend time chilling out, relaxing and ending the weekend on a high. Lets see if I can maintain this once the baby is born in 2 /3 months time.

  3. During weekends I usually go out with my 2 doughters of 7 and 4 yo in playgrounds, where I try to plan or read. It’s not easy and smt I feel overhelmd that even during weekends I can’t swich off.
    I feel very confortoble working some how part time, but even afternoon is busy enough: checking and assinting homework, reading, laundy, afters chool activities, so planning almost everything is imperative nowadays.


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