Inspiring Spaces #2

First off, Happy Easter!

Hope you had a great day celebrating that He is Risen šŸ™‚


It’s time for another inspiring space.

I was blog-surfing and gasped (!) when I saw this.

Do you know how happy this picture makes me?

This is Erin’s shoe organisation in her garage.

It is so cute and so beautifully organised, like with like, and I love it.

She mentioned in her post that she brought more of her daughters’ shoes to the garage to make room in their closet.

I love that idea – fantastic job, Erin.

My favourite part of this space is the rain boots – love that bit of happy.

How do you organise your shoes?

(feel free to link to your posts in the comments)

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  1. I have very few shoes: a pair of sneackers, a pair of boots, a pair of heels (that I very rarely wear), a pair of flats for summer and two pairs of sport shoes (one for inside, one for outside), so I simply keep them on the floor of our jacket’s closet. The out of season shoes (flats in winter or boots in summer) are kept in their boxes. Simple, but I don’t need anything else with that few shoes, especially since DBF is the same.

  2. I don’t have a system for shoes yet but am trying to figure out the way forward. I don’t actually want to see my shoes so will probably do see-through boxes that I can pack out of sight. Does that make sense?

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