{Chloe} on simplify your life – week 2

This week’s lesson is all about priorities. Before I get to this burning topic, let me share with you my two favorite parts of the lesson. First, this terrific quote by Stephen Covey:

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

LOVE it!! The second one is the first sentences of the lesson:

“We’ve all been told that we can have it all and that we can do everything. That is correct! BUT, and this is a big BUT, we can’t do everything all at the same time.”

How true is this??

So, back to the lesson. This one was pretty easy because I already did a similar exercise of listing my priorities a couple months ago, but it’s always nice to see if and how things have changed. The most important things in my life right now are people I love (family, boyfriend and (true) friends), myself (physical and mental health, creativity, growth and self-improvement, etc.) and my home. This last one is not a priority in itself, but to me it’s a tool to help be take care of my other “true” priorities. If my house is a mess, I can’t welcome friends impromptu without being worried of what they’ll think, I can’t relax and take care of myself without this nagging inside voice telling “you should do this or that!!”, so a nice house, a home, is a step towards a good care of my true priorities.

My number one priority was, a couple months ago, to have a baby. Although I’ve left it on top of my list, I’m not sure it’s really a good idea because it’s not something I have control over. With our infertility issues, it hugely depends on medicine and luck, not much on us. Still, it’s good to keep it as my number 1 because there are many things I can do to help the doctors: lose weight, be less stressed, make sure that I have all paperwork done so that I can have the treatement paid, put our finances back in order to start saving money for this baby and all (s)he’ll need.

It was great to reflect on this. Priorities was almost the word I picked for my 2011 “one little word” , but I finally chose perspective. I even made a digiscrapping page about it (click for bigger image):


I think I definitely need to make one about my priorities. I’m a very visual person and those reminders always help! I’ll share it with you when it gets done! 😉

Take care!!

And now a few words from me (Marcia)

Chloe, thank you for being so open and honest. I love receiving your posts every week as they are inspiration to me, let alone to everyone else reading 🙂

Well done – I’m proud of you.


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  1. Love the Stephen Covey quote and I LOVE the digital scrap page that you made. Fantastic post!
    Julia recently posted..A Sensitive Matter

  2. Chloe, I also forgot to say that I love your layout. You should frame it and keep it highly visible for this year 🙂

  3. Thanks Julia! This quote is terrific, isn’t it?

    Thank you Marcia! It’s already printed and hang up in my office where I can see it every day, visual reminders work best for me.
    Chloé recently posted..Im not a real girl

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