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Remember my Reluctant Entertainer post?

Well, I just decided that, as Sandy said, if I figure out my style and go with that, I should be fine.

I do set a beautiful table (there’s something so satisfying about the order of sequence of cutlery, plates and glasses) and I also love mixing and matching different placemats, plates and serviettes so every time the table looks slightly different.

But I’m not the best cook in the world.

The difference is that now I’ve embraced that as part of my style 🙂

So my style is casual (what else can it be with twins running around?!) and I’m of the opinion that since no-one is coming over for my cooking, I might as well relax about it.

And I have.

On Thursday a friend emailed me and asked if we were doing anything the following evening as her husband was up in Jhb and he’d love to see us.

Well, these are 3 am friends and we would ALWAYS love to see them (or even just one of them).

I knew I didn’t have time to even shop let alone cook but we made the plan.

And do you know what?

We still had a wonderful time fellowshipping, even over Debonairs pizza and milk tart 🙂

My challenge to you is this –

Think about someone, anyone, you haven’t seen for awhile and invite them over, even if just for coffee and biscuits (cookies).

Are you up for the challenge?

Who will you invite and by when?

(I’m a coach; I can’t resist getting specific!)

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  1. Oh I am so going to do this. I will do pizza and maybe some wine. AND dessert from Woollies. I am going to invite 2 girlfriends over. Going to contact them this week and try to do it on the public holiday. Thank you for this fun challenge
    Julia recently posted..This week I am grateful for unbroken sleep at night

    • Marcia Francois says

      Julia, fantastic that you’re taking the challenge. It’s about the people not how “perfect” everything is 🙂

  2. Those impromptu meetings are often the best, and definitely less stressful that the ones you plan forever and where something still goes wrong! The coming month will be crazy busy, even on the weekend, but after that I’ll definitely do something like that! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Great idea. I have to think about who DH and I haven’t had over lately. We have people come over a lot, as DH is a great cook. He loves cooking for company too, which is great, as I’m an everyday cook, but not so much fancy.
    Heather recently posted..Walk in the Country

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