Let go of your perfectionism

I had a lovely lazy Easter weekend –¬†lots of reading, some napping, lots of creating, lots of decluttering and organising, family time and socials.

The only thing I didn’t do enough of was cooking – and that was just fine with me ūüôā

My little boy, Connor, even announced that we had to go back to the zoo because we took them on Monday.

squeezing the life out of his sister and strangely, she doesn't mind ūüôā

 Autumn is in full swing in Joburg and I took tons of pictures of the leaves on Monday.


I’ve signed up for an online photography class (similar to my¬†organising classes¬†– where you get an email a day for x number of weeks) and do you know what the first lesson was about? Perfectionism!

Well… not quite but that was my aha. She said to let go of how all your settings need to be technically perfect on your camera and just look for the beauty.

Oooh, that I can do.

look for the beauty

So this week I took a very technically incorrect picture of apple slices just because the shape looked like a heart.

Where can you look for the beauty in your life?

Or where do you need to let go of your perfectionism?

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  1. This is a great reminder, once again. I recently created a scrap page using my phone pix, without even post-processing them as I usually do! o_O Shocking, I know!! Anyway, I love this page because it was a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the everyday’s beautiful little things: putting my sunglasses on for the first spring sun rays, cuddling with my cat, even going grocery shopping.
    Chlo√© recently posted..Scrappy Sunday… with only one LO!

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