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Have you read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin?

In the book she talks about how she’s good at organising things in her home but that she was always looking to her husband to tell her the cupboards looked pretty, etc.

And then she realised that she mostly does these things for herself because she gets pleasure from doing them and from having an organised home.

So there’s a lot of wisdom in that last sentiment.


If you organise your home for other people to approve or validate your efforts you might give up quickly.

People, even the ones who live in our homes, often don’t see our efforts and it can be demotivating.

I know, even for me sometimes, especially when I think I’ve organised something REALLY well… and made it pretty.

But if you tell yourself it’s for you because you like having an ordered and non-chaotic home, then you will enjoy the process more.

I also think you should open that drawer, cupboard or wardrobe and just enjoy the organised goodness once in a while 🙂


Does your family appreciate your organising? Do you need validation?


My book, Live Organised, deals with more of the mental part of organising.



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  1. I have seen when my thoughts are chaotic, then so is my cupboard and the rest of my home. When I am calm and my thoughts are organised then I go about organising everything in my home again. As a small business owner that works from home I know all about trying to keep one’s paperwork in order and I know you’ve discussed this in previous articles. Especially keeping one’s receipts in order can be an absolute pain. I recently came across a company that you send all your receipts and other paperwork if you like and they digitally record and organise everything for you, which has simplified my life quite a bit. If you are interested, visit them on http://www.scanr.co.za

    • Marcia Francois says

      absolutely right, Nita. Our outer surroundings definitely mirror our inner thoughts!

      That company sounds like shoeboxed in the us. Personally I find that it’s quicker to just do it myself than taking the time to post something off 🙂

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