{31 days of easy organising solutions} – clothes!

Do you know I used to use both my own wardrobe in my bedroom and another one in our second bedroom for all my clothes?

Well, when we moved into our current house, that was still the case but I was determined to start weeding out clothes I didn’t wear until everything fit into one wardrobe.

Imagine the luxury of not having to run between two bedrooms every morning?!

Finally all my clothes fit into one wardrobe but there wasn’t much room for the clothes to breathe.

Then I set a goal that I’d only keep clothes that I loved and that looked good on me.

And that’s when the magic happened.

White space!

And best of all, I even have space for my favourite handbags.


Next thing to tackle in my bedroom will be the shoes 🙂

I have a shoe organiser at the back of my bedroom door with most of my shoes and some are stored elsewhere too.

I declutter my handbags very regularly so that’s not a problem but I’m very light on shoes so they last for years and years unless I get tired of them first.

What’s your clothes situation? Does it all fit comfortably in your allotted space or do you need to ask yourself some hard questions?

Have you checked out my book, Live Organised, yet?


PS I know that a lot of you have the luxury of a closet but in South Africa we don’t have them. Some people do have a dressing room with tons of space but again, rare.

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  1. Jacqueline says

    At the beginning of a season I hang all my hangers backwards and as I wear the items of clothing I hang the hangers the right way around at the end of the season any hangers that are still backwards I know I haven’t worn and I get rid of the item.

    • Marcia Francois says

      I’ve heard of this so many times but I just can’t get over the fact of my hangers going half the right way and half the wrong way 🙂

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