{31 days of easy organising solutions} – prepare for the week ahead

Do you want your weeks to run smoother?

Take about 15 minutes every Sunday night and prepare for the week ahead.

I find that I start the week on the right note if I do a minimal amount of preparation to ready my family for the week.

Our friend, Leon, makes the best salads 🙂

These are some of the things I do on a Sunday night:

  1. make sure I have a written out menu plan and not just one in my head
  2. make a note of when I need to prepare extra meals (e.g. I’ll write on my menu plan – “soak kidney beans”)
  3. pack two slices of bread in at least 3 lunch boxes
  4. pack cereals for at least 3 days but I prefer to do all 5 days (I eat breakfast at work)
  5. pack my work bag (I often use a different, more casual bag on the weekends) and all my papers
  6. make notes for the nanny to focus her for the week – what to do with the kids, foods to prepare, etc.
  7. I prepare the kids’ clothes for the week sometime during the Sunday afternoon, mostly while they’re having a bath

Honestly, it takes about 15 minutes, maybe 30 if I’ve been interrupted a lot 🙂

What do you prepare on a Sunday?

My book, Live Organised, will help you set up the systems you need to make your life flow smoothly. Available on Kindle and as a physical book.

PS it’s my father’s birthday today 🙂

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