{31 days of easy organising solutions} – bags for kids

While today’s tip is for both kids and adults, I’ve found it more useful with my kids.

Have multiple bags.

My kids don’t go to pre-school yet but they do go for normal outings like church every Sunday, gym, parties, visiting friends, going to restaurants (this is their reward of choice – for sure, their father’s kids :)), etc.

I’ve never been a fan of carrying a lot of stuff around even when the twins were babies and the minute the babies could walk, I let them carry their own stuff around!

So we have a standard backpack for normal outings. It has the standard items like a change of clothes, sun hat, sunscreen, etc. Just before we leave the house I throw in a water bottle and an apple each (this is where they’re their mother’s children :))

And then… we also have bags to keep them occupied somewhere, like at a restaurant, doctor, etc.

The key is to check the bags when you get home and replenish any used items like that spare change of clothes. I delegated this to the nanny when she was new and found out the hard way that I need to always make a checklist. Kendra spilled water all over her clothes when we just arrived at church and Dion had to go to the nearest Pep to get her some spare pants and a t-shirt.

If your kids have multiple activities, it may be useful (and save lots of time) to have a tote bag for each activity and keep these on hooks behind their bedroom door or in your entrance hall.

Do you use multiple bags for your kids? Would this work for you?

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  1. Child1 doesn’t do bags – I do (STILL) keep a change of clothes and a bathing costume and towel in the boot for him. There’s a bathing costume and a towel for both of them actually – we tend to do impromptu beach outings in summer.

    Child2 does a bag – he LOVES it. It has a change of clothing, a few toiletries (wipes, sunscreen etc) and usually a book and a few small toys to occupy him if necessary. Also a small lunchbox with a peanut butter sandwich and some water. Occasionally an apple.

    I replenish that particular bag as soon as we get home so we can just grab and go when we next need it.

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