{31 days of easy organising solutions} – my learnings

I always find I get the most out of something if I take some time to reflect on the process afterwards.

The good things

  1. I finished all 31 posts on time!!! (this deserves 3 exclamation points)
  2. I made my own button from my own photography 🙂
  3. I didn’t use about 5 of my pre-planned topics which means I have a few ideas if I get stuck for post ideas (which never happens).
  4. I liked the habit of getting something up every day.
  5. After 3 – 4 posts, I got into it and enjoyed writing more. This meant I faffed around reading fewer blogs which I think is a good thing overall.
  6. I realised how much time blogging takes because I tracked my time for this little project.


The bad things

  1. I lost at least half of my posts three times. I think WordPress hates me.
  2. A reader (thanks, Renee) told me my pics don’t show up properly in Internet Explorer. I’m dragging and dropping pics since if I click the media button, my computer just doesn’t respond.
  3. I don’t think I got any more traffic than usual (there are more people reading but who’s to say they wouldn’t have arrived anyway?!).
  4. I didn’t get any more comments than I normally do.


What did you learn from this series of posts?


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  1. Well, I learned a lot of simple (as your title promised) yet very useful tips. And I love the idea to reflect on how things went, that’s a very healthy habit!!
    Chloé recently posted..TDC Blog hop!

  2. Claire Barn says

    I loved your 31 days posts!!! It gave me a kick each day to go and sort something out, my house and family definately benefited from your daily posts!!! I do actually feel more organised now, than I did before you started 🙂

  3. The idea of tackling “problem” areas in15 minute sessions has been a biggie for me … never thought of tackling things in 15 minutes “power bursts” but since I tried it, I love it!!!

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