Anyone reading any 31 days blogs?

Did anyone notice?

This year I’ve not participated in the 31 days of blogging on a particular subject.

To be fair, I never plan to do it but as time inches closer, I find myself just jumping in!

But not this year.

Do you have your copy of last year’s posts yet? My 31 days of easy organising solutions book is only $1,99 and it’s really nice-looking on the Kindle app 😉

31 days book coverThis year I’m not even reading any new 31 days blogs.

Usually I go over to Nester’s blog, scroll through all the buttons and subscribe to about 10 – 15 for the month.

This year… nothing.

All part of my streamlined social media personal policies.

In other news, does anyone else download tons of Kindle samples and never get to them all?

Well. I decided to start getting through these samples and either add the books to my Amazon wishlist or delete them.

Happy to say I’m working through them, slowly but surely.

(I had 8 pages of mostly Kindle samples… so it’s going to take some time :))

How many Kindle samples do you have?

So, are you reading any good 31 days blogs?

Let me know in the comments so I can have a peek!




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