{Time management} A new rhythm to my days


I remember before I had kids people would say things like, “just wait until you have kids. Your sleep patterns change and they never go back to the way they were before”.

I’m here to tell you… HOGWASH.

I’ve always been a night owl and for the most part, the only reason I go to bed at a “decent” hour is because I have to get up early the next day.

With me being at home this month, within days I’ve reverted back to my preferred night owl tendencies.

It’s not necessarily all good but let’s just say there’s a different rhythm to my days.


The night owl-ness has been FANTASTIC for my writing. I’m proving that my brain kicks into gear at around 8 pm and I’m really getting a lot done at night.

I do make sure my to-do list for the next day is done before I go to bed.

So I sleep in in the mornings.

A slow wakening, some reading with breakfast, book/blogs, and then I turn off my feedly and get to my Eat the Frog items.

I still have too much on my lists. I just looked back at three days’ lists and there were 10 things on each of those days. On average, I get through 6 – 7 and keep carrying over (which is exactly what I said in theĀ article).

I use the morning for eating the frog, fetch the kids at lunch time and have lunch with them. The kids only get collected at 1:15 and the later lunch works perfectly for me.

While they nap/ rest, I do another session of work and then I give up til they go to bed. During the rest of the day, I’ll cook, clean, organise, play with kids, take photos, etc.

I’ve found that I can focus really well for about 1 hour 20 minutes (I know – weird – but I’ve been tracking my time) and then I need a break. If I get at least 3 of those sessions in during a day, I consider that extreme success. I do aim for at least 2 focussed sessions of “moving me towards my goals” work, not answering emails.


I really enjoy having a different type of activity to do interspersed with computer work, like driving to fetch the kids, house stuff, gym/ dancing, etc. and I think now that I have the flexibility to do that, it’s helping me be more productive.

Are you happy with the rhythms to your days?

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