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Before I get to today’s post, I’m very pleased to announce that the new e-course Help! I need more time is now open for registration.

I haven’t hosted this new format in my e-courses before but I’ve had very good success in using it.

Help! I need more time

There’s just enough teaching, just enough action, and if you do have a busy week, 3 days to catch up on the weekends.

The ideal format for busy working women, whether you work inside or outside the home without overwhelming you.

Please pop on over and join me on your journey to less stress, less overwhelm and more time to breathe.


A freezer inventory is the only way I can keep control of the food within my chest freezer.

I started making this inventory the other day and I realised that this is cobbled together and not nearly as pretty or pinnable for Pinterest, and I love it like that.

If you look closely, it’s a cleanmama printable I had around. So I stuck a white label on it, called it Freezer Inventory and got to it.


So often I feel that we want things to be perfect before we just do them.

I love Pinterest and blogs (probably too much) but the downside to all the pretty is that a lot of us think this is the way things need to be to be “right”.

We spend hours finding the right list or productivity app, time we could have spent actually doing something on a to-do list written in a notebook with a pen.


Aim for 70 – 80% and you’ll be just fine. This is not brain surgery where 100% is necessary.

We are simply creating a reasonably organised life so we can have some peace.

Don’t overcomplicate things.

I don’t. I really just use whatever I have at my disposal and my home is well organised.

If you need a box, grab a shoebox or cut down a cereal box. You don’t have to go to the shops and buy the prettiest box for R130. It’s not necessary.

Where are you overcomplicating things?

Do you over-organise in an effort to procrastinate on just getting it done?

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  1. What an ever-needed reminder. One of my mantras is “done is better than perfect”, and this post reminds me that I should post this all over my home and office to make sure that I never forget it!! 😉 Thanks for the reminder, Marcia!


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