3 different versions of end-of-year reviews and new year planning

I like to keep things simple but I also like to do things thoroughly, so I tend to take bits here and there, and piece together my own version for whatever I need.

For the last couple of years, I’ve taken 3 different systems and worked through all of them.

Let it never be said I don’t take my goal-setting process seriously šŸ™‚

  1. Let’s Do This guide

This one is mine and I featured it on Monday. Get it for free here.

If you don’t really like goals, intentions and so on, this is the simplest one I’ve found šŸ™‚ If you do no other review, please do this one.

2. Unravelling the year ahead 2016

This one is by Susannah Conway. 33 pages of comprehensive reviewing of the year behind and unravelling the year ahead.

I take this one to a coffee shop (by myself!) and complete it the old-fashioned way, with a gel pen.

She also has a calendar at the post I linked to, and a free “find your one word” course if you don’t know how to choose your word.

3. Amazing Life Workbook

This one is not a freebie and in fact, that is my affiliate link and I will earn a commission if you purchase yours through this site (thanks for your support). I use this one for my comprehensive planning.

Can I tell you a secret? Most years I fill the thing in in Dec/ Jan and leave it doing nothing for 3 months, when I check in for quarterly planning. Even just doing that is so worthwhile because you’ve set your goals for each area of your lifeĀ properly and becomeĀ intentional about your year ahead.

Gentle reminder – Leonie is into things like oracle readings but I just pull out those pages (I think there are only 2 pages I pull out every year but since I haven’tĀ started mine yet, I can’t say for sure) and I’m good to go.


The one thing all 3 of us agree about is this:

You have to properly review and look back on the current year before you can embrace the year ahead.

Have you done your 2015 review yet?

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