Will I keep on bullet journalling?

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So after experimenting with the bullet journal for two months, I find myself asking these questions:

  • will I continue to use the bullet journal?
  • do I even have a need for bullet journalling given the fact that I’ve added a to-do list to my diary?

Was I not keeping a notebook before that served the exact same purpose as a bullet journal, except for the scheduling?

Yes, I was.


The only things that are different between my notebooks through the years and this bullet journal is:

  1. the bullet journal has numbered pages and an index
  2. the bullet journal is slightly cuter and much neater than my notebooks used to be

Let’s talk about those two points:

Bullet journal | www.OrganisingQueen.com


I followed the rules and went through the entire 80-page notebook, numbering each page. I made an index but to be honest, I never go back and reference any pages. Maybe that’s because I’ve only been using it for two months but I do have a very visual memory and I tend to remember exactly where in my notebook something was written. Also, because it’s a chronological notebook, once I’m done with a few pages, I attach a binder clip to the pages I’ve done with.

The cute factor

This was an interesting thing for me to notice. I’m not sure if it was because of the indexing or the numbered pages, but I don’t feel like I can just scribble notes in the book, like I do with my “proper” notebooks. I always have a notebook next to me at the computer and when I’m doing transfers between my bank accounts, for example, I scribble figures in my notebook. I would never do this in my bullet journal. Maybe I feel like I need a list of some type?

If you scroll through the #bulletjournal or #bujo hashtags on Instagram, you will see some AMAZING books in the planner community. And they are all very neat, or maybe that’s the stuff we all Instagram? Hmmm.

Still, don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated by all the cuteness. Do what feels right for you.

Bullet journal | www.OrganisingQueen.com

I’m writing that to myself too because here’s what I decided going forward:

  1. I’m going to use both my cute bullet journal and my scribbly HOPE notebook until the Hope notebook is used up, and then hopefully (haha!), I will feel able to scribble figures and such in my bullet journal.

2. If I do move onto another bullet journal this year, I won’t be bothering with indexing and numbers.

And then….. ta da da dum…..

I’m going to have a good think about only bullet journalling in 2017. At the moment I don’t think it would work for my style, given that I don’t want to be drawing layouts and such on a weekly basis, but never say never….


I do know that if I can bring myself to pay for a Legami weekly diary next year, I’ll use that one happily and only need a notebook for lists.

I am toying with getting a small, thin notebook (please let me know if you see them anywhere) that will easily fit into a standard A5 diary, because then it’ll be almost as good as those extra 50 pages at the back of a diary.

Where do you stand on the bullet journal and your personal organising/ planning style?

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  1. I am not really a month in yet but I think I may just be bullet journalling – and not next year, maybe even from right now. I really do not like my diary this year and find this way nicer

  2. No drawings/layouts for me. Mine’s going to be listy with a mindmap here and there. Where do I find the “rules” that you mention?

  3. Congratulations on the decision! I will be eager to see how your bullet journaling journey unfolds.
    Also hope to see some of your pages for inspiration on how to make it work.

    • Marcia Francois says

      I will try, but my pages are proper working pages of lists, not these picture-perfect bullet journal pages 🙂


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