July project update and August theme – delight :)

Happy August!

My theme for July was refresh – you can read about the 7  areas I wanted to focus on in July.

Now here’s a confession – I completely forgot about one of them (number 3) because I didn’t write it down on my monthly goals list.

But 6 out of 7 is great. Technically, the window washing happens tomorrow but July was spent getting quotes. Though, if this company does a good job, I will just diarise and get them out every time the windows need doing. I can’t WAIT to see out of clean upstairs windows again!

And now, for August, my theme is delight.

How can I delight myself this month? How can I delight others in big and small ways?

Confession time – I chose this theme because it’s my birthday month.

This month I’m going to:

  • go get a massage (to think, back in the day, I used to have a massage scheduled every two weeks!)
  • get my hair done
  • declutter my shoes (yay!!!)
  • I already threw myself a little party
  • do my birthday review and set intentions for the year ahead (I’ll post on Instagram so make sure you check in with me there)
  • write down some fun things I want to do over the next year (I’ll send out this free printable in next week’s newsletter)
  • read some fun books
  • have about 6 friend dates 🙂
  • do nice things for 7 people

What is your theme for August?

How can you delight yourself this month?

If you’d like me to help you get clear on your goals and intentions for the year/ half year/ quarter ahead, I would be happy to do that. Send me a mail.

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  1. MamaCat says

    August is my birthday month too! Had mine on the first day. I have organised three friend dates, two of those are with groups. So we all get to see everyone together. I got that friend date thing from you, and my friends love the idea. You maybe started a proper trend in my world, because my friends will call and say when are we going on a date. Even hubby said yesterday he needs to organise something.
    My birthday gift is also to get my hair done. It is so long now…right past my bottom.

  2. Delight is a great word!

  3. August is my favorite month. Apart from it being my birthday and all the spoiling that comes with it, the days start getting warmer and brighter and everything starts blooming again. I always feel rejuvenated and want to get outside more. Things that I am going to do for myself this month : organise and print pics for the gazillion picture frames I received, a little sprucing up the house and spend more time on my hobbies. Also if I find the motivation to start gym again, it will be a bonus. I also want to take more photso’s this month. I have been terrible at this.

    • I love how you explained just why August is a great month.

      It is a great month, weather-wise, because it’s still cold enough for me too 🙂

      Good luck on getting all your frames up on your walls, and when you’re done, come over with your hammer and nails!

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