The best book I read in January was….

That’s a serious question for you, dear reader.

What was the best book you read last month?

Before I tell you about the best book I read, I want to check in with you.

Could you take away anything from the two posts I wrote on how to increase your reading this year? If you want to, of course. No-one’s forcing anyone to read.

I just feel compelled to ask because so many people always tell me they want to read more and I’d love to know if those posts were helpful.

Back to this month, which was a great reading month for me.

I finished reading 11 books, 4 of them non-fiction.

Kindle/ Audible/ Physical = 8/1/2

As you can see, I’m working very hard on getting through all my Kindle books.

My favourite non-fiction read and the best book I read in January was The Happiness Project.

I read it on Kindle in 2011 when it first released, but this time I borrowed it from the library (Overdrive – here’s my post explaining how it works) and I ADORED the audible version. I gave it 4* last time around but this time (maybe because of the listening factor) I gave it 5*.

Highly, highly recommend you have a read if you’ve never read it, or even a re-read.

It really is the perfect book to read in the beginning of the year.

I read 4 Irish/ English fiction books this month and it was a glorious time of reading for me.

I think I enjoyed Meet me at Beachcomber Bay by Jill Mansell the most, probably because it’s set in a holiday place and I was on holiday at the time of reading. I always enjoy a good summer read when I’m actually on holiday 🙂

But actually I recommend all of the fiction! Let me know if you choose to read something from my list.

So tell me, what was the best book you read this month?

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  1. Terisha says

    I read 11 books in Jan which was a record for me. And they were all good books which makes it difficult to pick favorites. I really really loved One plus one by Jojo Moyes and Recipes for Love and Murder by Sally Andrews. I have been meaning to read the happiness project for years. I think I need to order it with my next book order. (it’s not available in book shops only online)

    • HA! Well, you know how I feel about that one book of yours. I think I gave that Jojo Moyes 4*.

      • Terisha says

        Yep I read your review of it on Goodreads and I completely get your point. I think the main reason I enjoyed the book so much was because of the vivid descriptions. I could picture the Karoo, and her farm, stoep and kitchen etc. Not to mention all the food. That was what won me over. Enough not to mind her 100th reference to her “veldskoene” HA. I went into it, not expecting to love it and I think that also contributed to me being pleasantly surprised. The second book gives more of an explanation of why she is seemingly obsessed about food.

  2. I wish I would find a 5star book!!! I enjoyed The Hate U Give, a solid 4, but I wouldn’t go so far as to give it a 5. It was my best book so far though. I was loving my book before, Behind Her Eyes, but the twist at the end of the book was just so farfetched. I thought it was going to be my 5 but sadly not 🙁

    • I will admit – they are very rare!!!! Have you read Born a Crime? I think that has “5” potential…. you don’t like Liane Moriarty so those are out 🙁

      • The Trevor Noah?! You know my feeling about “real” books!!! Liane is growing on me 😉

        • Marcia Francois says

          A good memoir doesn’t read like other kinds of non-fiction, and this is a great one. I really think you’re closing yourself off to books you would love, but it’s all up to you 🙂

          • No I’m not closed, just a preference but you’re right – perhaps a good one will make me change my mind? I’ve never read any memoirs, I don’t think! Will try get my hands on a copy, thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  3. MamaCat says

    I kept meaning to comment. I don’t think I have read anything too riveting. I am currently reading bubblegum stuff, because I am not in the mood for anything serious. I have been listening to the Stephen King Dark Tower series. I like that kind of weird fantasy stuff that seems to run parallel to the things we are experiencing in reality. The fight for water, the good vs evil stuff…it all is still relevant.
    Stephen King is my go to, when I don’t know what I want to read.

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