How to have the best Christmas ever

I started reading all my old posts about Christmas and realised that I have actually said everything I want to say, so let me link to those posts.

Easy Christmas decorating

Lower your Christmas expectations especially with social media

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Keep Christmas simple but meaningful

Clever gift ideas for Christmas and throughout the year

and last but definitely not least, my favourite Christmas post ever!

Create the perfect Christmas… for you

What does the “best Christmas” look like for you?

Tell me all your questions and I’ll answer in the comments.

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  1. Best Christmas for me is all about enjoying the reason for the season. Which means going to church to celebrate the birth of Christ, spending quality time with my family. And just enjoying the day. I stopped stressing about making elaborate dishes and just relaxing.
    Only now that K is older do we get gifts, so she has been making a list of things Santa needs to bring her. Iā€™m torn between letting her just enjoy thinking Santa brings the gifts or telling her well santa is really mama and papa šŸ™‚

    Ps: if I let K choose all she would ask for meal wise for Christmas is braai meat made by her papa! I definitely raising a South African child šŸ˜†

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