Let’s talk shopping lists

I run a home that’s mostly run like a well-oiled machine. All the people who live (and work) here know that when things run low, they have to write it on the list so that when we go shopping on the weekend, we can buy the item.

Oh, we only go shopping once a week because we both don’t like shopping. Life with two upholders 😉

I’m firmly in the “make do” camp so if we didn’t get something, we just have to get creative til we go shopping again.

Our shopping list is an actual paper list on a small clipboard with some regular items typed in permanently. I keep a toiletries list in my iPhone notes though.

So you can see I love a shopping list as much as the next person.

Which is precisely why I don’t understand these chalkboard shopping lists. Or the Letterboard ones.

  • Are these real live shopping lists? Or just set up for Instagram?
  • Do people take photos of their chalkboards and then go shopping?
  • And with the Letterboard ones, how long do those things take to assemble?

Seriously though, do you use a shopping list?

What do you use? Paper? App? Photos of your chalkboard wall?

I know friends who do a grocery run daily! Maybe you do too. I can barely even manage weekly!

How often do you shop? As and when? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

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  1. MamaCat says

    We use an A4 whiteboard. I don’t like paper, because paper lying around has a tendency to make paper babies and the next thing you know there is a whole ecosystem going. The whiteboard is in the kitchen at the bread bin, next to the fridge with the marker stuck to the fridge. Yes, we snap a picture and off we go, or sometimes I type it into the phone, so items can be struck off as we get them, if there are many things happening that day.
    Since hubby works in retail, we tend to get supermarket accessible items as and when we need it, as I hate shopping. Specialised items and fruit and veg we get weekly.

  2. We use Trello for this! I love it so much. My husband and I have a shared Trello board and immediately add out of stock items to it. We also use Amazon Dash buttons (RIP) to re-order some items, like dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent and toilet paper.

  3. Those definitely have to be for the photo op!!! I use a combination of paper and notes on my iPhone and if I see something in the weekly shopping papers (not sure what they are called ) I take pictures. I try to keep big shopping to once every other month. And fresh fruits and Vegs once a week usually Sunday after church (now that we attend church in a shopping mall) we take advantage of that . I usually ask that the people who work for us make a list of things before they finish to avoid off schedule shopping. That said I do actually love grocery shopping

    Ps: I didn’t know there were shopping lists apps

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