On having things that spark joy

I received a voucher from a stationery shop I frequent 😉 and so one day after gym, I stopped by to choose something to buy.

I have enough notebooks and pencil cases (although can one have enough?!) so I thought I’d get another laptop sleeve because I do pack my laptop away every Friday night.

One immediately caught my eye but I put it back because it wasn’t on sale. I then went looking through the laptop sleeves that were on sale because then I’d only have to spend a very small amount of my own money.

While dithering looking through them, it suddenly occurred to me – why am I doing this? These other things do not spark joy and the one that first caught my eye most definitely does.

Yes, friends, I bought a gorgeous raspberry pink laptop sleeve and I love it!

Just a reminder to always choose what sparks joy 🙂

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