We all have 15 minutes

One of the biggest organising myths is that you need a big chunk of time to organise anything.

That’s simply not true.

I actually don’t know many people who happen to have hours and hours free for the purpose of organising.

The thing is, with anything in life that is important to you, you have to make time. I wrote a whole book about this concept – get it here.

One of the ways you make time is by using up all the little bits of time throughout your day.

Even if you think you have no time, I guarantee there are bits here and there.

If you start looking for those treasured moments, you’ll realise you can get a lot more done.

I remember when my kids were just newborns I thought I’d never have time to myself again.

Then I realised that I had 5 minutes here, another 10 minutes there and so on.

I could read one article in a magazine in those 5 minutes and maybe even churn out a blog post in the 10-minute stretch.

All that time adds up if you’re ready to take advantage of it.

It’s the same with organising.

You may not have an hour to organise a chest of drawers but if you find 15 minutes a day for 4 days, you do have that hour.

A change of perspective = opportunities

Flylady says, “you can do anything for 15 minutes”.

Here are a few quick ideas:

• Straighten your cutlery and/or utensils drawer
• Edit and delete photos (one of my ongoing projects to use a “spare” 15 minutes) from your phone
• Declutter a pile of paper
• Tidy your handbag or wallet
• Organise your spices
• Declutter your recipe folder

See? There are indeed 15-minute slivers of time all around us if only we’ll just look for them.

Make a list of 10 or more quick organising projects you can do in 15 minutes and get started today.

Are you an all or nothing person? Do you tend to look for the big chunk of time versus the little bits?

{Organising} 15-minute tasks to make you feel like a winner

Yesterday a friend sent me a file she thought I’d enjoy and told me she was clearing up her computer.

What a good idea, I said to myself, so I set my iPhone timer for 15 minutes and decided to tidy up my stuff too.

Within that time, I’d deleted a ton of downloads, printed out 3 pages to try and I also send her two files that she might like to use.

When I looked at my neat and tidy flash drive after that, I felt amazing.

Just goes to show you what you can accomplish in 15 minutes.

15-minute organising |www.OrganisingQueen.com

If you need more time, by all means take it. But work in focused bursts of time and you’ll get plenty done!

At this time of year, we’re all spent, busy and tired from all the end-of-year socials and events from school, work and friends. But that’s no need to feel dragged down.

Take 15 minutes here and there to sort a few tasks out and you’ll at least keep things slightly more organised.

What will you organise in just 15 minutes this weekend?

PS when you organise something small for 15 minutes, please take a photo and post it to Instagram. If you tag your photo with #15minorganising and @marcia0608, I’ll find you and come cheer you on!

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