How I’m using audio to work for me

I’ve mentioned before how I’m a visual learner.

60% of us are visual learners, by the way.

It turns out though that if you use audio and visual content together, you can increase your goals effectiveness 🙂

Using audio books, products and podcasts |
Here are a few ways I’m using audio:

1. Audio books

A few months ago, Modern Mrs Darcy wrote a really great post about audio books answering all the questions I didn’t know I had 🙂

I wasn’t convinced that listening to fiction was going to work for me but I’m always willing to give something a go, so I decided to try getting some non-fiction.

I signed up for Audible‘s gold membership and got my first book, Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map. It was a great one to start off my experiment – Danielle has a fantastic voice and the book is not too long. I think it was about 6 hours.

After that I was hooked.

I couldn’t wait for my monthly membership day (24th of the month) so I bought a book sooner (Overwhelmed) and devoured it.

Confession – I tried listening to a work of fiction too and after about 5 minutes, I was done. I found that I want to read fiction by myself. Maybe it’s because I’m a fast reader? I don’t know.

Using audio books, products and podcasts |
Some precautionary notes:

1. Download your book in a wifi zone.
2. Turn off “use cellular data” on your phone before listening otherwise the download will use up all your data (unless that’s not a problem for you – it is for me)
3. Make sure your phone is charged before driving anywhere. One afternoon after work, I jumped in the car, turned on my book and my phone lasted just 5 minutes before the battery was flat. Do you know how frustrating that is?

I’m really enjoying my commute these days (something I never thought I’d say) simply because I can learn something while driving and I don’t have to think about the traffic.

This is the crazy part – some days I even hope for a few minutes longer in the car if I need to finish a chapter!

2. Audio Bible

My favourite Bible app, simply called The Bible has an audio built in. I listen in the car and I then read the same chapters at another time.

I’ve found that doubling up helps things stick in my mind much better than just using the one method of learning.

Using audio books, products and podcasts |

3. Podcasts

Podcasts work for me much the same as my audio books do except they’re “lighter” in content (or maybe that’s just the ones I listen to).

I’m really enjoying listening while driving, and also while cooking or tidying, if I’m alone in a particular part of the house.

I’ll be posting a list of some of my favourite podcasts this Friday. Do come back to take a look.

4. Bonus – Audio products

There are many audio products out there (teleseminars and so on) that can help solidify your learning too. I’ve listened to many on goal-setting and also business products like How to charge what you’re worth 🙂

I have a couple in the store like Break out of overwhelm, 7 steps to organise your office, and there are two audios in the Organise your Time ecourse. Have a look here and take your pick.

Have you joined the audio bandwagon yet?
Which books do you recommend?

P.S. while writing this article, I bought another book, Gretchen Rubin’s Better than Before. Can’t wait to listen!

PPS I think I need to join my friend, Beth, on a spending fast in May. Don’t you think it’s a fabulous idea? The last time I joined her I broke my Exclusive Books monthly habit.

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