How I eventually got the baby book project done

  • 350 photos
  • 6 albums,
  • about 50 post-it notes

I’m so glad it’s finally done.

Here are a few pics of what the final result looked like.

Honestly, the only way I eventually got over the analysis paralysis was to let go of my perfectionism.

Initially I thought that I would choose exactly 4 pics from each month per child and end up with 48 plus a birth pic and a first birthday pic = 50 as the photo journals take exactly 50 photos.

That didn’t work – it just frustrated me to no end.

So I used both sides of the pages since I’m not a journaller – the occasional caption is as good as it gets – and I just included every photo that I liked.

That means I was able to get 9 months of Kendra into her journal and only 7 months of Connor (he went through a really cute stage at 7 months plus he had a little hospital incident and I needed pics of the cutest little patient ever; she went through a really cute stage at 9 months)

Once I let go of my self-imposed rules, I worked through all the months’ photos quite easily.

And now that that’s done, I think I need to do 12 – 24 months 🙂 This time though, I’m only doing photos that are REALLY good. It’s going to get even more difficult once I get to Dec 2011 because that’s when I bought the big camera and got LOTS of lovely pics every month.

Have you done a baby book for your kids?

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