I love my new water bottles

I bought three water bottles last week and I love them so much I’m posting about them much sooner than I normally do.


Isn’t that just gorgeous?

It’s the Consol Grip and Go bottle – they come in a number of gorgeous colours – I have hot pink, lime-green and purple 🙂

They take 500ml water so I know I have to drink 4 a day and somehow I feel cuter drinking from these than from the styrofoam (ugh!) cups at work. For one, they’re glass but also the spout is about 3 cm wide so it almost feels like you’re drinking out of a drinking glass, which makes the whole drinking water thing a lot easier.

Do you find it easy to drink water? What’s your method  of getting it all down?

This post is not sponsored although I do love glass so if Consol wants me to review some other things, I’d love that 🙂

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