{31 days of easy organising solutions} – 2 effective systems to have in place

I went to a parenting course a week ago and the trainer said something profound – we are all too busy in Johannesburg.

I agree.

Before you breathe a sigh of relief because you don’t live in Jhb, I think our society as a whole can get too busy unless we consciously slow down.

But amidst the hecticness of life, we can at least put into place some systems that will help us gain a sense of calm and peace in our homes.


1. Menu planning

We discussed that over here.

Here are all my posts that reference menu planning. There’s a reason I write about it a lot – it’s the one, consistent system that saves me hours every week.

2. Launch pad

Do you know the place in your house where you toss your keys, phone and the mail when you walk in the door?

Flylady calls this a launch pad.

I like that term because it reminds me of action. We have an interesting, little corner in our entrance hall that I used to use for my launch pad pre-kids but now I have a little section of my bedroom for my handbag and iPad.

Mornings are one of the worst times in most families – you can’t find your keys, wallet, bag, etc. Frantic running around and screaming happens and that is just not a great way to start your day.

The point is that we use our launch pads to ready ourselves for mornings. Every evening I pack my handbag, work bag and keys, and they are all left here.

I’m not a morning person so in the mornings all I do is grab and go. Literally once I leave the bedroom, I walk to the fridge to get my cooler bag with my lunch, and I’m ready to leave.

There are another two systems – we’ll include those in the 31 days ebook.


Which systems can you implement to make your life easier?


My book, Live Organised, will help you set up the systems you need to make your life flow smoothly. Available on Kindle and as a physical book.

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