Free printable clutter

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I love a free printable as much as the next person. I even have a Pinterest board called Free Printable Goodness 🙂

Confession – I’m very bad at remembering to pin to this board …

I’ve been clearing out my hard drive and quite honestly, I’m shocked at how many things I have that I’ve never used and, if I’m quite honest, have no intention of using either. Things that I just clicked on because it was free (how many posters can you actually put up in your house?!) or that looked cute at the time.

Remember the definition of clutter? Things you don’t love or use.

There were printables that were not exactly my style (I’m a very plain and simple person) and TONS I wasn’t using.

So I made a new folder – printables I will actually use – and I dragged in a couple and deleted all the rest.

The thing is I have a few printables I use over and over again – for example, there are some happy birthday tags I downloaded probably 4 years ago and I keep printing the file over and over, and some Christmas tags for baked goodies and some Christmas tags.

I don’t need the rest and let’s face it – if I do happen to need a little something for my very boring laundry room, I can use Pinterest’s search function and find one in 0.2 seconds so there’s no need to store all these things on my hard drive, right.

Okay, over to you.

Do you have a weakness for free printables too?

Let’s go through those free printables on our hard drives this weekend and get rid of them.

This weekend… some cooking inspiration

I first saw this pic on Pinterest and thought it was a really cool idea to make meatballs in a muffin pan so I tried it, but with muffin pan liners.



Aren’t they cute? The kids loved them 🙂

So what are you planning to cook this weekend?

How to avoid Pinterest overwhelm

I’ve always seen Pinterest as the easiest way for me to organise and store all the website links I’d previously bookmarked, and by category too.

And when I look at one of my boards, it’s a whole lot of inspiration in one place.

I also browse a little to get some tips, tricks and ideas for specific purposes, like now as I’m planning my babies’ 3rd birthday party, or even if I want to do a craft with, let’s say washi tape.

I see 3 problems with Pinterest.

1. Pinning can get complicated

There’s been quite a bit of internet drama about ethical pinning and first checking if the original blogger allows pinning, etc.

I get some of it but mostly I think if your work is out there and it’s cute, it’s going to get pinned. I certainly do the best I can but I’m not the internet police.

(feel free to disagree with me in the comments)

I do think that most people feel flattered when their creations are pinned. I know I do! *hint, hint*

Solution – when you pin, make sure that it points to a specific page on a blog and not the general blog address

2. Perfectionism


We start thinking that these beautiful snippets of people’s homes mean that their lives are perfect and ours are not. We think that other mothers are perfect because they’re crafting with their kids all the time and we’re not. We think that other people are more creative (okay, this part may be true, especially in my case) and we’re less than because we have other strengths.

Solution – Realise that you may have different gifts. Also, if a blogger shows a pic of a perfect room, you can be 100% sure that room doesn’t look like that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’ve staged the room to take a pretty pic for the blog.

3. Overwhelm

I see from the blogs I read and from my own Pinterest status updates that people are on there a LOT.

I don’t go on and “get lost” because I pin with a purpose. Remember I primarily use Pinterest to store links.

In my view, the point of a site like Pinterest is to inspire you to (sometimes) take action.

I love that there are blogs out there who regularly host parties so you can link up the things you did that were inspired by Pinterest. Just google and you’ll see.

If you’re getting overwhelmed and you’ve stopped taking action, it may be that you have too many pins so you don’t know where to start.


From my coaching work with many creative people, creativity actually increases if there are some boundaries and order.

E.g. if I provide a canvas and only one or two other supplies, you’d probably be more creative than if I left you in a room FULL of supplies as you wouldn’t know where to start.

Solution – go through one of your boards, be honest with yourself and delete the pins you know you’ll never do. Then pick the easiest thing to do (maybe something you have all the supplies for) and just do it.

Once you get your motivation up, you can pick another and start taking action again.

To avoid Pinterest overwhelm, set a fun goal to do something, no matter how imperfectly, at least once a month. It’s even better if you invite a friend and make a date of it.

My word of the year is CREATE and I choose at least two, but sometimes even more crafts, especially if they’re easy to do (my favourites).

 This week’s coaching challenge 

1. Take action on anything (or two) on your to-do list, whether on a Pinterest board or not. Your to-do list will do 🙂

2. If you need help or support, contact me for a once-off coaching session to get unstuck or book a get-acquainted chat with me to see if we’re a good fit for a monthly coaching relationship.

Do you suffer with Pinterest overwhelm?

Please share what’s working for you.


Know yourself 1 – the trend with chalkboard

I was interviewed late last year for Your Baby magazine. They compare mothers with different parenting styles – unsurprisingly, I’m the mother who likes routines 🙂

Download and read the article here.


There’s been much ado all over the internet and especially, Pinterest, about chalkboard doors.

Actually, chalkboard doors, cupboard doors, chalkboard labels and gift tags, etc.

Like this.


In theory, I really like this idea. And I must admit, when they’re first done and they’re all neat and black, they do look gorgeous.

But practically, I keep thinking how I’ll have to rewrite the shopping list before going to the shop or rewrite the things to remember, which defeats the purpose.

What do you chalkboard people do? 

I know I’m certainly not brave enough to paint a wall with another colour, let alone chalkboard paint, but I thought I could get my little fix by buying a little chalkboard for the kitchen.

I saw one at my favourite South African home store (Mr P – they are not paying me to say that), hemmed and hawed, and I left it.

Because I have a personal rule – if it’s not a definite yes, it’s a no.

So then I saw a smaller, cuter, heart-shaped chalkboard at a fraction of the price, also at Mr P, and that one said, “take me home” so I did.

Only thing is… I forgot something really key.

I hate the sound of chalk on a chalkboard.

I wrote one thing on it (hello) and that was me. Done.

Dion then wrote “welcome” on the board at our babies’ 2nd birthday party (in July last year) and yes, that poor board is still sporting the welcome note. I think he added a due date for the library books below that in November and that is still how it looks.


 So there’s the thing – when I gave in to the heart-shaped chalkboard, I wasn’t thinking about my preference for no noisy squeaks on a board.

I’ve seen these chalkboard markers though… which look like a fabulous idea for people like me who like the look of the labels but not the sound or the mess!

Over to you.

Do you like the look of chalkboards?

Do you have a decorative chalkboard in your home?

Do you use real chalk or chalkboard markers? And if you’re in South Africa, where did you buy your chalkboard marker? I would like to try it on some of those cute labels…………….. 😉

11 [31 days] how do you organise your recipes?

pinkbeary says:
how do you organize your recipes?

The answer is quite complicated (but worth it) so hang in there 🙂


I used to use plastic display files (Flipfiles) to organise my recipes and I had one for main recipes, one for baking/ desserts and one for recipes to try.

The problem seemed to be that 1) I wasn’t getting to any of them and was just cooking our favourites except for special occasions and 2) our tastes kept getting fussier and fussier.

On number 2 above, since the babies (my two-year-old twins) started eating our food at 1 year, I cook much healthier (!) so less fatty, more veggie-laden meals. And I was a healthy cook to start!

I have found since I pin things on Pinterest, the recipes are all easily accessible and when I’ve made some of those pinned recipes, I takemy netbook to the kitchen counter, click through and start cooking/ baking. So there’s no need to print out very much anymore.

Bonus – kinder for the environment, less for me to file! LOL

The paper in my kitchen has been bugging me though so this evening I took all of my flipfiles and I made a couple of piles:

I tossed all the recipes that realistically, I would never make – isn’t this picture so satisfying?! Freedom!

I thought you’d like to see my sandals that my son, Connor, is quite taken with, I think because of the blue beads 🙂 (I paid about R40 – R50 at Mr Price 3 – 4 years ago, if not longer)

Then I made some new piles:

  1. Our family favourites
  2. Recipes to try – mains
  3. Recipes to try – baking and desserts


This year I set a goal to try at least 2 new recipes every month on my 37 things list (I make a list on my birthday in August every year).

So far, so good, even though it’s been very loosey-goosey and I’ve scrambled in the last week of the month for the last two months.

If any of the recipes become family favourites, I’ll move them from their current flipfiles to the family favourites one (which only has about 6 recipes at the moment). Haven’t had any of those yet except for the one below.

This month, and for the rest of the year til Aug 2012, I’m going to choose one recipe to try every weekend so that if it doesn’t work out at the last minute, there’s no scramble to make my goal for the end of the month.

I’ve already made The Most Delicious Pumpkin Bread (we don’t have canned pumpkin here in South Africa so I used 500g and it was perrrrrrrfect). It was so good I’m going to make another batch because we all polished it off and I didn’t even get any pictures.

So, how do you organise your recipes?

And are there any “must-try” recipes you want to recommend to me?

Remember they’ve got to be relatively healthy and I don’t spend more than 30 minutes tops in the kitchen 🙂



Inspiring spaces #10 – Pinterest

I have 5 invites left besides Ginny’s one- if you want one, let me know in the comments.

I’d seen Pinterest mentioned on a number of blogs but I didn’t like that it was “by invitation only” and all “exclusive”.

That kind of thing doesn’t encourage me; I feel incensed at the injustice of it all 🙂

Yes, I’m a tad dramatic.

Anyway, eventually I had an aha moment that if I signed up, I could organise all my bookmarks currently stored on the computer and have ONE place to refer people to.

My current bookmarks were organised in folders, mostly, but you couldn’t see what was so special about bookmarking something. It lacked the visual impact.

I signed up exactly 3 months ago and it’s been great.

If you don’t know about pinterest, it’s like a giant filing system of things on the internet.

Boards are broad categories – you can use their suggested boards or create your own.

Then you pin your individial items on the board.

E.g. On a board called home you could have kitchen, bathroom, bedroom ideas.

You can also tag your pins so that they’re easy for you to find afterwards.

These days I find myself saying, “oh, you should see my Pinterest – I have a recipe for that” 🙂

And the other day my boss and I were discussing offices in cupboards (I am currently obsessed with these) and I sent him my pin to show him what I meant.

As with anything (facebook/ Twitter/ blogs, etc), if you allow it to be so, it can be a huge time suck.

Confession – last night I spent about two hours on Pinterest but on a daily basis, I typically just pin and if I’m in a dreamy sort of state, then I’ll indulge a little.

Here is my for the home board and here is a pin on that board.

Follow me if you want and see all the things that make me happy. And things I would do if only I could sew.

Leave comments on my pins and tell me if you like them and what you like about them – I love hearing from you. It truly makes my day.

Are you on Pinterest?

How much time are you spending there in a week?

Which is your favourite board?

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